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Semi-exclusive Photography

Cocktail photography stressing you out?

We’re here to take the stress out of cocktail photography for you. No more worrying about props, settings, lighting or ingredients – we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s a classic cocktail or something new and exciting, we can help make your vision a reality.

Check out our photo library or request a custom shoot!

Coaching & Courses

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take amazing pictures!

We offer online photography courses for content creators, food bloggers and Etsy sellers who want to up their camera game. Our tutorials are easy to follow and will help you take photos you’re proud of.

You’ll be able to capture the beauty in the everyday with our simple tips and techniques. Once you’ve completed our courses, you’ll be able to photograph anything with confidence.

Frequently asked questions

Exclusive content is only sold to one person and carries the highest price tag.  Semi-exclusive splits the higher price tag among very limited buyers (7-9 purchasers) and they share the recipe and photos.  Limited PLR (PLR) has a bigger but still limited number (20-100 purchasers) of opportunities to be sold, it is the cheapest because only one set of instructions and photos are offered.

Recipe pricing is complicated, when considering what to price my recipe at the following things are considered:

  • Recipe type (Smoothies vs triple layer cheesecakes)
  • Ingredient Cost (Pancakes vs lobster)
  • Shooting Time 
  • Preparations for shoots (Was it tested multiple times?)
  • Quantity of images needed

Of course, you can request a specific recipe. We love hearing from our readers and try to make as many recipes as possible. Just send us an email or fill out this form with your request.

Semi Exclusive content saves bloggers and brands time from having to create a recipe, shop for ingredients, test the recipe and photograph it. Buying verified semi-exclusive recipe content from this site ensures that it was developed and photographed by a professional photographer. You can easily add this content to your blog and social media to help grow your blog, without attribution to us provided you do not violate the conditions below.

You may not:

*resell these photos

*claim copyright to the photos

*use the files in any way that competes with Robyn’s Photography Academy.

All copyright and intellectual property rights are reserved by Robyn’s Photography Academy.

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